[BeagleBone Black] Boot Debian OS from Image

The BeagleBone Black (BBB) is an awesome little micro-computer. When compared to the Arduino, it is more capable in that it run Linux and support many of the awesome software out there… that also means it’s more difficult to set up.

I found myself always going back to the sources to see how to set things up. Therefore, I figure I might just be a bit more organize and consolidate the information here. Since I have a PC, the following instructions will be for Windows, but I am pretty sure the procedures are similar.


Debian OS 

I bought a Rev B from Adafruit back several months back for my quadcopter project, which got 2 GB of internal flash memory and ran on Angstrom. Recently, the official OS changed to Debian for Rev C, which is easier to use in my opinion. The downside is that the Debian OS is quite large, pretty much take over the entire flash memory, therefore, we are going to boot from the MicroSD card. I got a 8 GB card that give plenty of space.

1. Download the Latest Debian OS Image (without eMMC Flasher) from the Official Website: http://beagleboard.org/latest-images

2. Unzip the image using the .xz file using 7-zip, basically a free version of WinRAR. You should get a .img file after unzipping, this is the image file we are going to flash onto the MicroSD card.  

3. Download and Install Win32DiskImager

4. Now, we are going to flash the image to the MicroSD card. Click the folder icon, a File Chooser Dialog Box should popup, select the Debian OS Image. I got a flasher version here, but it shouldn’t matter. I tried flashing it, ran out of room, so no need to try. On Device, choose your Drive Letter for your MicroSD card. Warning – Make sure you choose the correct drive, else you could wipe all info on the wrong one! After you double and triple check to make sure it’s the right one (go to My Computer), click write to write the boot image to the SD card. win32DiskImager

5. When it’s finish, stick the card into the BBB, power on and we should be set!

username: debian
password: temppwd


You can talk to the BBB using ssh protocol with PuTTY or SecureShell Client. I like SecureShell more, since that’s what my school used to connect to the server, also it got a file transfer program that’s pretty useful. Maybe I will make a video tutorial on that later.

if you have any trouble, please visit my reference here:


BeagleBone Black Setup Series


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