[Arduino] DFRobot LCD Keypad Shield DFR0009

Time to open up the new toys I got from China, DFRobot LCD Keypad Shield (DFR0009)! As I said, I ordered this from China’s ebay equivalent, Taobao.com, got this for 30 RMB ($5 USD), pretty cheap for a LCD display panel, let alone this is a shield with keypad! In the US, it is being sold for $15!!! Anyway, the link is follow if anyone is interested. Maybe I will do a post about ordering stuffs directly from China. I spent like $50 total and stocked up my electronic inventory with all kinda of new shields, joysticks…


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[Horseback Riding] Basic Steering

** I am starting to take horse riding lesson today, it’s fun and easy. The following are just my notes for the lesson, since I am just a beginner, so they might not be accurate. Please take proper lessons with a real instructor. And please, beware of your safety, never walk behind a horse and always wear a helmet. **

On the first lesson, the instructor started off by having me brush off her horse named Doctor. He’s a huge horse, a little intimating. But I read somewhere that horse can read if your are scare of it, so I pretend I’m okay with it. After brushing the sand, dust and oil off the horse, we lay a mat on the horse back and hook up the saddle. We put on the bridle and the hold reins and off we go.  =D

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