[Aerospace] Background Knowledge

It is probably a good idea to first learn about the history of Aerospace Engineering. What is it that make this discipline of engineering so special? Why is it so expensive? If you have ever looked into Wikipedia, you will probably found that aerospace engineering is actually spitted into two major sub-disciplines. They are aeronautics and astronautics.

Long before our civilization posses any kind of modern technology, our ancestors have been dreaming of flight. Be like a bird, fly up high and free from nature’s gravitational pull. When studying ancient paintings and written scrolls, you often find examples of people attempting flight. For example, in 200 BC, a Chinese prince was strapped to a kite, thrown off a tower against his will, glide and survived. We can also see from Leonardo da Vinci that there are drafts of flying machines that simulate the wings of birds.

The inventions of gunpowder, Kongming lantern, bamboo-copter all contributed to advancement in aviation. However, it is not until the Wright Brothers invented and perfected their powered aeroplane in Dayton that sparked the evolution of flight.

And soon after conquering the sky, man started to explore the vast and mysterious realm of outer space: the planets, stars, galaxies and universe(s) that existed somewhere out there.

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