[Aerospace] Online Flight Simulation with Microsoft Flight Simulator, VATSIM and SquawkBox!

While I was a still a young boy, I parents used to bring me to Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport all the time to watch the planes takes off and lands. Not only that, I also got to fly on them often, sometimes just to the Southeast Asian countries, sometimes across the globe. They also brought me to the Hong Kong Science & Space Museum all the time (free admission on Wednesday…), and along with watching Apollo 13, yeah, I was determined to become an Aerospace Engineer and hopefully one day get to fly myself into the sky or even to space! Well… that last part probably wouldn’t happen, xD.

Anyway, during High School, I somehow manage to run into an on sale copy of Flight Simulator 2002 or something… so I ended up buying it, and hey, it got me into getting a first taste of what flying is about! Then I actually went to a flight camp and got an intro flight + 16 hours of boring ground school. Came back, got the newest FSX, to satisfy my thirst, since I know it is going to be a while until I have enough money to actually get a license. Went to college, got a Co Op at GE Aviation, earned some extra money to get another intro flight. Then now, taking ground school once again, but in university and for real.

So now I am taking ground school, all theory, I was thinking maybe having to practice it will make it easier to earn. So I signed up for VATSIM to give it a try. It’s pretty good so far, it should help a bit to learn. When I get better, maybe I can join a virtual airline. Here’s the basics for reference:

1) Go to VATSIM website and sign up for a pilot account…

2) Install your flight simulator (Microsoft Flight Simulator or X-Plane)

3) Install SquawkBox 4

4) Find the SquawkBox.exe file (name vary) and set its properties so that it run as administrator [took me hours to figure out why there’s no voice coming out of the ATC person]

5) Download and Run ServInfo

5) Run Flight Sim

6) Launch SquawkBox in Addon with your microphone plug-in

7) Look up VATSIM server ip address and enter your VATSIM info in SquawkBox and connect

8) Tune radio and go listen to others to see how VATSIM work!

Since I only got this like today, this is all I know at the moment. Should be enough to get started though… 😀


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