[Aerospace] Online Flight Simulation with Microsoft Flight Simulator, VATSIM and SquawkBox!

While I was a still a young boy, I parents used to bring me to Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport all the time to watch the planes takes off and lands. Not only that, I also got to fly on them often, sometimes just to the Southeast Asian countries, sometimes across the globe. They also brought me to the Hong Kong Science & Space Museum all the time (free admission on Wednesday…), and along with watching Apollo 13, yeah, I was determined to become an Aerospace Engineer and hopefully one day get to fly myself into the sky or even to space! Well… that last part probably wouldn’t happen, xD. Continue reading


[Photography] Anaglyph 3D Image with Photoshop

Over the Winter Break, I went to the Caribbean to travel. One of the places I visited has a natural arch. I took a picture of it with my T2i, and it blend right into the background along with other rocks. My father took a picture of it with his 3D Camera, and it turned out perfectly.

So after the trip, I did a brief search on the 3D technology, how it work and such.

Here, I came up with a Photoshop action that create Anaglyph 3D Red/Cyan Image from 2 normal pictures taken from a digital camera. Continue reading